Some stuff for some people on Flight Rising~

Top is Yra’s

Middle was for sugarskull

And the bottom is for the ever amazing lantadyme~!

I’m in such a slump now that I don’t want to play any games or draw or write rp posts, and I’m spending free time staring at the wall wishing I didn’t have free time augh

(btw thanks to everyone who sent me ideas on how to fix tablet!)

how do people force themselves to keep working at a decent pace

how do people force themselves to keep working at a decent pace


My wonderful friends bought me GW2, and I have to say that this asura is one of my favorite incarnations of Yra ever.

My tablet is starting to do that every-third-stroke-has-no-pressure-sensitivity bull again, and I’m getting worried because I’d chalked it up to issues with my old laptop and this is a completely different computer.

I don’t have the money for a replacement right now if there’s something wrong with it, but it’s really hard to work on anything when i have to constantly redo the same thing over and over. Auuugh.




gathering for three hours for a noble dew…finally sees one….breaks gather….

gooby pls…pls…

expert gathering test? Those can be a pain o.o

No QQ it’s the 4th quest for the siels gear

Ahhh, GL! You can get 3-4 an hour (iirc) running around the big tree in the owl area in Sarpan. And also try to count to two on every tap before canceling so you don’t break dews. ; ; It’s not so bad once you get the route/habit down.



bearway to heaven

Took a break to doodle the teneladies, then belatedly remembered that I still have a whole ton of oc meme doodles to do.
Ah, well.

Took a break to doodle the teneladies, then belatedly remembered that I still have a whole ton of oc meme doodles to do.

Ah, well.

The very last oneee!!


Apparently i have one last Wonder girl retro dress code left, as it’s the very last one this time i’ll be selling it for 300m ;>

On a first come first served basis!

First come first serve is not telling someone you’ll get back to them if you find another code and then doing this after having them wait for days. :P Ah well, I have a lot of money freed up for other stuff now.

Not wearing clothes (TSO RISQUE), doing a handstand, and wearing a funny hat.

(the hat is a clodworm)

Because some people in #aion still don’t seem to understand:

If you want to share something that you didn’t make, either include credit or don’t post it

If it’s on tumblr, reblog it. The reblog system makes it so easy to share things, the only reason that you’d go through the extra steps of saving and re-uploading everything into a new post is to erase the creator’s name and replace it with yours. 

If you found it off-tumblr, the best thing to do is first contact the creator about wanting to share it. If they say no, don’t repost it. Post a link to their page containing it.

Sometimes getting in contact isn’t possible, but in either case, the location you found it should be included in your post. (The same post, visibly- none of those stupid nonexistent easter-egg credit links hidden around the corner and behind your left ear.) Tumblr has a content source system for this exact reason. Use it.


If no other source is entered there or in the post itself, the content is automatically attributed to you. It’s synonymous with claiming ownership of the content and everyone who sees the post will be under the impression that you created it. This is also how copyrights are claimed when artists/writers/etc first publish their work online. This is why people get upset. When you do this with something that isn’t yours, it’s theft. Plagiarism. It’s not appreciation or respect. This applies when sharing things anywhere: any forum, blog, or website.

Tumblr can and will remove content you post that isn’t yours. If the creator didn’t want their work reposted, even with credit, they can ask for it to be removed.

If reposting happens to you, you can report it here:

They’re quick about it, and it does extend to edits. It does not extend to toon remodels or Photoshop actions/presets.